Sunday, June 19, 2011

Metal Shapers Meet

   We had a good time on Saturday. Small turn out, but it worked out good everyone had something to do.  We had some new guys show up and they had a good time making the blister project Don had them work on. They all did a great job working the bag and mallet, using the Pexto rotatory tool turning the flange and finishing it off by hand planishing on the post dolly.

I have to thank Don for taking the lead this time.  I had the "Triumph Project" customer at the shop helping me get some of the parts finalized. We also had a few of the regulars show up and get some more of the Sportster tank done. It's not finished but it got a little closer. It was great meeting the new guys and fun to catch up with the regulars. Hope to see you all come back for the next one.

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