Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Baker Drive Train Update

I just spoke with Mark and it will be Thursday the 9th. The time is not set but they will be starting out in Waco and working our whey. So early morning to late afternoon I'm guessing. I will be providing snacks and some free shwag till it runs out. I hope to see you here. Stay tuned for a closer time frame a couple of days before the event.

Baker Drive Train

I just spoke with Mark @ Baker and he asked if anyone in my area would like to attend one of their seminars. So If anyone wants to meet Bert Baker in a small shop setting come on. We are looking at June 7,8,9. Call, post, reply whatever just let me know if your interested. Should be a good time for all.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Big Mountain Run 2011

Big Mountain Run Ad

I have decided to head over to the Big Mountain Run and help support Chris Callen’s event. He is the editor of Cycle Source Magazine, which is one of the magazines that I advertize in monthly. Not vending this time around, just me and the open road. Can’t wait to meet some of the Limpnickie LOT and Chop Cult guys.

See you there!