Friday, April 29, 2011

Bagathoner American Cycle

I found this link Googleing Texas Bike Works.  Liam I know but I need to see what my advertising dollars are doing for me. I was surprised to see it.  It was a while back but I got into an argument with a sales rep. that was telling me that the internet was not a viable form of advertising.  He was trying to sell me ad space in the magazine but I was asking about there internet presence.  At the time American Cycle didn't have a web site for whatever reason. I guess they got rid of that guy and hired someone that has a handle on what's been going on.  Happy to see it.  On a side note I met Tony Frey at the Rick Fairless in Dallas.  Whey cool dude I hope he was the one to get thing going in the right direction.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

In "Sain" Sportster frame build Part 1

Cut the neck out of the stock 2003 XL 1200 frame.

After clean up.
First step is fitting the back bone to the motor mounts and steering neck.

Working Man's Bike Show

Be there if your looking for an alternative to the freak show called the ROT rally.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shark Performance Art

Do you recognize that guy? It's Keith Richards from Pirates of the Caribbean. Keep in mind he did this twice. It looks identical on the other side tank but the mirror image. Insane.
You might not dig the style but the work is impeccable.

Crazy customers wishes but Shark delivered as expected. This guy is amazing. He has got to be the most under rated painter in the business. He can paint anything. If you can think it up he can paint it. This is just one of his paintings. I will try to post more of his work in the future. If anyone is interested???

Friday, April 15, 2011

Air Stream Panel

Don and I worked on this job for 12 hours. Finally got close but didn't hit the mark. The customer would not let us anneal the piece as he was afraid of the finish. Big mistake. The piece could be refinished. Live and learn. It cost me and Don many hours and the customer did not sympathize with us and paid us nothing.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Thanks goes out to Jeff G. Holt @ Street Chopper Magazine est. 1969

Check it out!!!

Metal Shapers Meet

Don Bartlett brought his cool metal shaping book collection. Many of which I had never seen before. Thanks Don. This site has a bunch of great resources.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Tool for Tools

I'm a tool junkie. I think I must have helped put several of my Snap-On dealers kids through collage. Not very smart but I can't help myself. This is just one of my four tool boxes.

Metal Shapers Meet

This is Don Bartlett helping Darren with his Ford Mustang front fender. Darren bent it up racing a few weeks prior. Don is working the fender with a slapper and dolly working out the small dings. This was the final step.

Metal Shapers Meet

Bag and mallet work. We started with this method to get faster results.
Checking progress on the buck.

Smoothing out the bag and mallet work. Final shaping.

Friday, April 8, 2011

2011 Kennedy Chopper class Open House

Friday June 3rd 2011 KENNEDY CHOPPER CLASS OPEN HOUSE..SATURDAY we head to Yuba Wisonsin for camping and mayhem and a private S&S plant tour. Check out this website for details and please post everywhere to get the word out..Thanks!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Engine cut-aways are always fun to look at. It's like having X-Ray vision.

Rick Fairless Bike Show 2011

Antique-Ness took 1st place in the open Modified Sportser Class.

Rick Fairless Bike Show 2011

Someone admiring my handy work

Rick Fairless Bike Show 2011

Congratulations to Johnny Gil of Johnny's Custom Shop, McAllan TX. Pro Builder Class 1st place and a check for $1500 big ones.

Rick Fairless Bike Show 2011

Indian Larry? Still building bikes?
Big Bertha!!!
This one had a cool retro paint job.
Nice bike built by my buddy Gabe @ Jester Cycles
Johnny's Custom Shop built the bike. Texas Bike Works built the frame. You can see it in the March issue of Easyrider Magazine. Johnny built a beautiful bike and didn't miss one detail.