Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hot Bike Nov. 1997

My first ink.

Old School Fat tire install

That's a 180mm tire with 1 1/2' belt. In 1996 you couldn't just order a fat tire kit. The 180mm tire had just come out and was as fattest tire on the market. I was working at Johnny Pag Creations in Corona when I did this.


This was the first time I had rebuilt the bike. Fresh black chrome Ness springer. Fresh motor. Fresh tool box in the background.

Back in the day

That's me standing next to a 120" Keck all Billet motor. I had just finnished assembly and was ready to install it. At the time that was as big as it gets. I was wearing my MMI shirt and working at Biker's Dream.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Steven Kinney
This guy took me under his wing at Bikers Dream back in 1995. I was fresh out of MMI And thought I new all I needed to know. Was I ever wrong. Steve had a very humble way letting me know I didn't know shit. Thanks Steve !!!