Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sturgis 2011 AMD

Everything except the tires and rear belt was hand made or modified by John Reed in 1981, the bike was cleaned up in 2011. Belt drive in 1981? This bike is awesome by today's standards. It was a different playing field back then. There were no catalogs to order from. No internet. Very few magazines. 1981 come on! So many trick things on this bike I can't even remember. Did they have billet wheels in 81. I'm not sure I was in the 6th grade but I don't think so. The single sided swing arm?  Wow! The hydraulic clutch and brake levers I really couldn't figure out. The masters were totally hidden. The exhaust was like out of formula F1 car or something. Friggen crazy amount of hours went into this bike. Timeless. This bike is ridiculously awesome. I was impressed to see it today and to think it was built 30 years ago.

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